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INUA is an online digital magazine celebrating Brown and Black leadership. We elevate entrepreneurs, social justice advocates to students of color who are doing extraordinary things and all things “Multi-cultural” from the United States to the African diaspora, stretching all the way to the Caribbean. 

A prominent banking CEO recently said “there aren’t enough Black talents” and every now and again we see captions like: “the first Black” to be appointed; to be on the cover of a magazine, or occupy a particular space… Waiting for others to create avenues for us have proven us wrong time and time again. Taking a line from Tyler Perry’s life, action is what matters. Tyler has created a space where people of color can be elevated, respected, celebrated and appreciated for their excellence in their respective crafts.

INUA is a Swahili word which means to elevate. At INUA “Leadership, Tourism and Global Culture” Magazine we will elevate our multi-cultural communities of Brown and Black leaders of excellence who are trailblazing, doing the work and should to be recognized in areas such as:
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Dr. Rixon O. Campbell, Sr., CHT, DBA, MSc., GCHM

About The Founder

Dr. Rixon O. Campbell is a student of leadership and organizational development who has over two decades of leadership and management experience in corporate America to include the hospitality and tourism industry and higher education. Rixon served in various executive capacities and is currently the president and CEO at RixonOCGroup Consulting (ROCG), LLC, USA and the lead consultant for RixonOCGroup, Ghana, Limited where he provides leadership, vision and strategic planning to the team. ROCG provides leadership development across sectors; effective team building coaching; organizational management advise and customer service management training and international students recruiting to higher education institutions.

Rixon is a strong proponent of community development through philanthropic initiatives. Consequently, he serves as the President for Shakers and Movers Educational (SAME) Foundation USA and Ghana a NGO providing services to the many underserved communities.  He strives for social justice and is committed to the understanding that global citizens should make a difference as a community together.  By embracing diversity and inclusion, he believes the world community can learn the qualities that attract people to a cause and use their engagement as a catalyst for greater well-being.  

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Our online digital magazine is to assist in elevating black and brown community ; promoting Leadership, Tourism and Global Culture

Global culture

Rev. Robert Afflick, contributing writer 

The Bath Fountain World #2 Rated Mineral Bath, Jamaica. 

The world as we know it is more interconnected now than ever, but at the same time disconnected because the greater many of our peoples though they are curious to know about what is happening in other cultures sometimes they do not have the financial where-with-all to explore such. INUA will bring bits and pieces of global culture to your fingers tip. There are shared experiences, norms and ideas that unite people globally INUA will bring the cultures of our peoples to you… 
The Bath Fountain Hotel and Spa is a restful retreat, nestled in the tranquil foothills of the John Crow mountains one mile (1.6 Km) from the community of Bath, in St. Thomas; Jamaica. The fountain is reputed to have superb healing qualities. The natural spring waters are believed to be efficacious in aiding the recovery of a wide range of ailments, including rheumatism, gout and skin conditions


Dwight Sanchez, Higher Education Enrollment Management Specialist

Leadership is an artful craft that demonstrates the benevolence and vulnerability alike of the leader through a commitment to the advancement of those who have entrusted their development, progress, and care to the leader. Eleanor Roosevelt strongly believed that “To handle yourself, use your head; to handle others, use your heart.”


E.P. Boger, D.Mgt. CEO, VIP Hosts Internationale 


When first approached by the founders of Tourism Leadership, I was immediately excited by the prospect of being able to support an intellectual outlet that would facilitate dialogue on the subject of tourism LEADERSHIP. While there are innumerable publications that systematically explore and document the multiple aspects of tourism, I am unaware of one with a specific LEADERSHIP focus. Accordingly, I enthusiastically applaud the initiative. Timing is everything. 

Therefore, the launch of this publication in the midst of a worldwide pandemic and economic crisis is especially meaningful. Documentation of lessons learned, and best practices are vital as the 2021-year dawns and along with it a cycle of recovery on all fronts.


INUA – Leadership, Tourism and Global Culture (LTGC) magazine. This is our space to inform and educate. It is our time to spotlight greatness, creativity and diversity

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